The D&D CAT II and CAT III Flight Operations Manual provides procedures that allow your company to capitalize on available resources. With your aircraft appropriately equipped, your flight crew highly qualified, CAT II operations will leverage your valuable assets and increase your level of safety.

Regulations state that "no person may operate a civil aircraft in a Category II or III operation unless the flight crew consists of a two pilot crew who hold the appropriate authorizations and ratings, and that each flight crew member has adequate knowledge of, and familiarity with the aircraft and the procedures to be used, and the instrument panel in front of the pilot controlling the aircraft has appropriate instrumentation for the tope of flight control guidance system that is being used."


Additionally, the operator conducting Category II or III operations must develop a Category II or III Flight Operations Manual. The manual must be specific to the aircraft, the operator, the type of operations to be conducted, the procedures, instructions, and limitations of that operation, the instruments and equipmentthat are required and the inspection and maintenace program for that equipment.


Once the manual is approved, it must be available in the airplane at all times. An additional copy must be kept at the principal operations base and each copy must be kept current. With the additional maintenance requirements of RVSM-related equipment, optaining Category II or Category III operational authority can be less expensive than you think!


Our CAT II and CAT III Ops Manuals are organized in a logical manner, contain flight operational procedures, crew training programs, inspection and maintenance programs for the instruments and equipment, and forms to provide a structured monitoring system.


All you need in one manual, complete and concise.


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