Urgent changes in Oceanic Operations and the approval process for obtaining Authority to conduct International Operations! 


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The latest changes for A056 APPROVAL RELATED TO Performance-based Communication and Surveillance (PBCS) and/or Data Link (CPDLC) Operations. (Ver 06.18 represents 9 revisions to Compliance Guide since Nov 2017)  Your International Procedures Manual is 27% of the Compliance requirements

New Compliance guide for B035 (M-LRNS) and B054 (S-LRBNS) for Oceanic and Remote Continental Navigation.  Ver 06.18 represents the first issuance).  Your International Procedures Manual is 61% of the Compliance requirements

Your aircraft has the capabilities to operate internationally and in remote oceanic areas. But, you may not be able to go there without the proper certifications and authorities.


Special use airspace requires navigation performance standards, governed by international agreements, separation minimums are reduced, and the standards of navigation performance accuracy are strictly enforced.  


Beginning December 12, 2013: ADS-B Out in Australia, Canada’s Hudson Bay, Hong Kong, Singapore, Fiji, Viet Nam and the Republic of China at or above FL290 are required to transmit ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast) Information

Beginning February 7, 2013: FANS-1/A (or equivalent) CPDLC and ADS-C implemented on specified tracks and flight levels within the NAT organized track system (OTS).


Beginning February 5, 2015: specified portions of NAT minimum navigation performance specification (NAT MNPS) airspace will require these capabilities.


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Approvals for special use airspace such as the North Atlantic encompassing MNPS and RVSM airspace, the Caribbean, and West Atlantic Route System encompassing WATRS, MNPS/RVSM airspace, Pacific Operations encompassing MNPS/RVSM and RNP-10 airspace requires the operator to meet certain criteria such as meeting Aircraft Equipment necessities, Crew Qualification Requirements, Training Curriculums, Operations Manual Requirements and much, much more!


To obtain this authority in the form of either an Operations Specification or Letter of Authorization requires that the regulatory authority verify the capability by evaluating the Operators Standard Practices Manual which should include company policies and specific procedures for all the required airspace. These will include but not be limited to:


  1. Equipment and systems certification, and airworthiness approval review;

  2. The required communication performance;

  3. The AFM;

  4. Additional MEL requirements and relief; and

  5. Other elements necessary for the safe and effective use of data link communications.

D & D Aviation has successfully accomplished approvals for our Worldwide clientele in multiple regulatory authorities from the initial request letter to the current, cumbersome application process. We have been successful because of our Dependable Document System with integrated products all working together to fulfill your aviation needs.


D & D Aviation Services will assemble all of the required applications and manuals from the customer’s information and responses to D & D Aviation’s proprietary Checklists and Questionnaires’ and then customize the associated Standard Practices and Policies Manual.


For Operators Needing Global Operations: Our “International Procedures Manual” was designed to address all of the required information and components to meet the issuance of all necessary Approvals including RVSM and any Navigational Approvals Required to conduct Global Operations such as, MNPS, RNP-10/5/4/1, BRNAV, P-RNAV, FANs 1/A+ including CPDLC procedures, ADS-C and ADS-B Out authority. The International Procedures Manual contains explicit policies and defined procedures as required by the Regulatory Authority. Our design eliminates the need to carry not only a Standard Practices Manual for RVSM, a Standard Practices Manual for International Operations and a separate Approved Maintenance Program to meet the requirements, thus reducing the number of documents on the aircraft.


Keeping this Manual current is an involved and cumbersome process and D & D Aviation Services takes great effort to achieve such a well recognized Manual. We constantly provide copies of our International Procedures Manual to the International Specialist of the Federal Aviation Administration for review, comment and corrections to ensure we provide only the latest approved or recommended information and not just someone’s best guess.


Regardless of the type of aircraft you operate, you can benefit from reduced mission cancellations, escalating fuel costs remaining outside designated airspace trying to obtain your approvals. We can even package one of our operator/aircraft specific MEL’s or Maintenance and Operations Procedures Document’s for your aircraft and our Company Policy and Procedures Manual is designed to even address the ICAO requirement for a Safety Management System (SMS) Program. We have the experience and technical expertise in aviation regulations to provide you with the Manuals you need. In fact, we guarantee it and we put that in writing. 

All of our products are guaranteed - that's why we guarantee you will receive your approvals. 


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