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I am so tired of listening to this Administration identifying Aircraft Owners and Operators as the wealthy one percenters. With the changes in the tax laws allowed under this Administration, the use of corporate jets for personal use has almost been obliterated. The vast majority of non-airline aircraft operations are business related, not pleasure related, and when I say business, I mean business. This administration has gone so far as to allow its own agencies to find ways to destroy this industry apparently because of re-distribution of wealth. We have all read the tactics employed by the Internal Revenue Service on conservative organizations but what most people have not talked about is this very same thing is going on with the Federal Aviation Administration.

In the last few years, I personally have witnessed an agency that appears to run without proper management or oversight. With the implementation of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast requirements in key Pacific and Asian Markets, I have watched FAA Field offices take up to 6 months to approve operators to utilize ADS-B capability on their aircraft. Remember, this simply means turning on the Transponders. I have watched inspectors make up their own interpretations of regulations and their supervisors and managers supporting such actions even when FAA Headquarters Personnel are claiming what the offices are doing is wrong and incorrect yet no one fixes the problem. If Inspectors are making up their own regulations or not adhering to Guidance Material then why aren’t they disciplined or terminated. In this case, our client spent $780,000 dollars for charters to keep his business flying needs going and the Inspectors are still not in trouble.

We have International Field Offices claiming that they are short staffed and telling aircraft owners it could take up to six months to process their applications for basic altitude and navigational authority such as RVSM, MNPS, RNP-10 and P-RNAV. Our agency fails to realize that these kinds of actions cost people money. Restricting a group qualified aircraft below FL290 costs thousands of dollars in fuel costs alone. In another example, an Inspector incorrectly reported their working times, (which is fraud and theft) and filed a fraudulent Resume for Employment with the FAA and this person was not fired even after the recommendation of their supervisor and now works at the FAA Headquarters in Washington DC.

The simple question is, are government employees ever held accountable for their actions and the obvious answer to that question is no. Where is the oversight or accountability? Where is the Management? This would never be tolerated in normal business operations. Did everyone in this agency forget that one of the basic premises the Agency was founded on was “To Enhance Commerce”?

In 2012, the NBAA indicated that Business Aviation currently employs over 1.5 million people and generates over 1.5 billion dollars. Now most intelligent politicians would realize that this is revenue the US Government shares in, but it is only a microscopic picture of the real business that is generated through the use of corporate aircraft. I am currently finishing the draft on my new Book that will address these issues more specifically. We are also attempting to fight the negative appearance of our industry through such shows as “Airplane Repo” and “Dangerous Flights” with our own show we hope will air very soon.

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