D&D Aviation Services' Dependable Document System has proven over the years to be the most effective method of producing and gaining approval for D&D's customers. This system works so well that we guarantee approval for your MEL, IOM, CAT II Ops Manual, RVSM Manual, and FOM. This guarantee can only be delivered by D&D Aviation Services. 

  • D&D currently represents 83% of the Fortune 1000 World-Wide

  • We produce every document in our sytem for virtually every corporate aircraft manufactured

  • D&D is the world's largest producer of commercially prepared MEL's with over 4,600 current MEL's in the US & around the world

  • D&D has completed over 2,400 RVSM Approvals for operators on numerous registries

  • D&D's products are currently in use by eleven regualtory agencies around the world, including the FAA


Whether you are interested in the whole system, or only a specific Document, click any of the Documents to the right to learn more. 


D&D Aviations Services can get you back where you need to be, in the air.

The Dependable Document System™ from D & D

Simply show us a quote from one of our competitors and we will beat it.

Whether you're in need of one document or our compete system don't hinge your approval on new, lower quality, fill-in-the-blank options. Choose a business that understands your unique needs and demands as an operator. With over 25 years of experience and documents recognized and utilized by the FAA, D&D will help your money work for you like no other. We invite you to utilize this special pricing opportunity today!

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